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Welcome to our new Remote Learning Center (RLC) where you will find helpful and educational online content to keep your customers engaged and informed on water efficiency! We have two ways to offer classes as well as helpful how-to videos on sustainable practices. 


Please select the topic you are interested in below:

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Leak Class-min.jpg
Drought Tolerant Class-min.jpg
Drought Tolerant Class-min.jpg
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Poppy for CA Native Class-min.jpeg
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Edible Class-min.jpg

Residential Leak Detection

  • General yet impactful leak stats

  • Ways to investigate and isolate leaks

  • How to read a water meter

  • Common indoor and outdoor leaks

  • Tips and tools to fix common leaks

Drought Tolerant Plants

  • How these plants thrive in CA

  • The benefits of drought-tolerant plants

  • How to prepare the soil

  • Planning, amending and maintenance

  • Examples of flowers, trees, shrubs, groundcovers

CA Native Plants

  • How these plants boost our ecosystem

  • The benefits of native plants

  • How to prepare the soil

  • Planning, amending and maintenance

  • Examples of flowers, trees, shrubs, groundcovers

Edible Gardening

  • How edible gardening can be sustainable

  • The benefits of edible gardening

  • How to prepare the soil

  • Planning, amending and maintenance

  • Proper watering guidelines

  • Examples of common edible plants


Live Classes

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Schedule a Live Class via Zoom and hosted by us! The instructor and presentation will be on-screen. 


  • Each class will run for one hour.

  • Registrants will be muted but encouraged to submit questions via the Zoom chat box and answered during the class.

  • There is a limit of 30 registrants per class, with two additional slots for agency staff.

  • A digital copy of the presentation will be provided in booklet form.

How do I book a Live Class?

  1. Select a topic (see above)

  2. Select a date and time  

  3. Email sgutierrez@greenmediacreations.com

  4. Confirm the schedule and pricing

  5. Review and sign class agreement

What happens next?

  1. Promote the class to your customers

  2. Register up to 30 customers

  3. Receive the Zoom link and password 3 to 5 days prior to class

  4. Distribute the access info to registrants


On-Demand Classes

On-Demand Classes Fake Screen.jpg

The RLC will host On-Demand classes with the presentation on-screen and an instructor's voiceover. This is ideal for those with busy schedules or those who prefer to learn at their own pace. This allows the most flexibility for agency staff and their customers. 


  • Each class will run under one hour.

  • We will provide 30 individual logins per class. 

  • Each registrant will have a specified time period to watch a class.

  • Up to three login attempts per registrant.

  • A digital copy of the presentation will be available to download after logging in.

How do I book an On-Demand Class?

  1. Select a topic (see above)

  2. Select a time period to fill 30 slots (i.e. 30 days) and a time period for registrants to watch the video (i.e. 15 days)

  3. Email sgutierrez@greenmediacreations.com

  4. Confirm the time periods

  5. Review and sign class agreement

What happens next?

  1. Promote the class to your customers

  2. Register up to 30 customers

  3. Receive the individual login IDs from us

  4. Distribute the link and logins to registrants


Video Licensing

Video Licensing Temp Image.png

If you’re looking to teach your customers about quick and easy water-efficient practices, license our videos and embed them on your website or link them on your social media platforms. This is great for the Do-It-Yourself mindset or to keep your customers engaged.


  • We offer the following licensing terms:
    1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

  • Extended licensing periods available at a discount.

  • Videos are available in English and Spanish.

  • Depending on licensing terms, the selected videos may qualify for a customized title card or end title.

How-to video topics!

  • How to read your water meter

  • How to check for a leak using a water meter

  • How to isolate a water leak

  • How to replace your conventional controller with a smart controller

  • How to retrofit spray head to drip irrigation

  • How to replace a toilet flapper

How do I license a video?

  1. Select video(s) and language 

  2. Email sgutierrez@greenmediacreations.com

  3. Confirm selection, licensing period and pricing

  4. Review and sign video licensing agreement

  5. Ask how to receive a customized title card or end title with your licensing agreement

  6. Provide assets (i.e. logos, URLs, social media handles, contact info, etc.)

  7. Approve title card/end title

  8. Embed or share YouTube link(s) of licensed video(s) for agreed upon time period


Sustainability Videos

GMC produced this how-to video for Liberty Utilities at its office in Downey, CA. The quick tutorial demonstrates how to plant a white sage, which is a perennial shrub, native to Southern California.

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