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Residential Leak Detection

Class Description

Irrigation leaks just the size of a dime will waste nearly 6,300 gallons of water a month. Old, inefficient toilets can waste up to 13,000 gallons a year. Leaks can be present anywhere so every week should be Fix A Leak Week! This class will help homeowners learn how to read a water meter to help confirm if there is a water leak. They will learn how to isolate and identify where a leak is located on a property as well as how to fix common indoor and outdoor leaks. When a leak gets out of hand it can potentially lead to several thousands of gallons of water waste as well as cause extensive damage to infrastructure. With the proper training and tools, leaks can be fixed before they become a costly and hazardous issue!


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Brian Duvardo


Brian Duvardo works closely with clients in the private and public sector as a consultant on water conservation programs. He has extensive knowledge of water-efficient systems, sustainable landscaping, best management practices, water-use surveys and high-efficient irrigation systems. As a water use surveyor, he has performed over 500 residential, commercial and large landscape surveys. With his hands-on and technical experience, Duvardo conducts classes and facilitates presentations to large groups.

Class developed by Kelly Takai.

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