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California Native Plants

Class Description

The benefits of planting a California native garden are numerous. Native plants attract native wildlife such as birds and butterflies, which take care of garden pests, eliminating the need for toxic pesticides. Therefore, less harmful garden toxins end up in creeks and watersheds. These types of plants also eliminate the need for fertilizer and soil amendments. And if designed correctly, after a few years of establishing native plants, the need for watering will be minimal or unnecessary. This class will cover those factors through examples of native trees, shrubs and groundcovers. It is important to take in consideration regional and microclimates when it comes to plant selection in order to have the best results.


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Silvia Gutierrez

Education Specialist

Silvia Gutierrez has a BA in Journalism and Creative Writing from California State University, Northridge. For the past five years, she has administered GMC's educational programs as well as third-party educational projects for agencies such as Metropolitan Water District, Water Replenishment District, Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District and several others. She reviews presentations, provides copyediting, and schedules and hosts classes. Gutierrez is also a member of GMC's video production team.

Class developed by Kelly Takai.

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