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Remote Learning Center Launch

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Due to the restrictions and ongoing worry of COVID-19 spreading, GMC has converted

its educational programs to its own online platform. As a result, it recently launched its

Remote Learning Center (RLC) ( to offer safe, quick

and educational content to keep homeowners engaged and informed on various topics

of sustainability.

Currently, the RLC offers classes on Edible Gardening for Beginners, Residential Leak

Detection, Drought Tolerant Plants and CA Native Plants. GMC is excited to offer more

topics, which are coming soon. The list includes Sustainable Landscape Design,

Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation Basics, Landscape Care for Homeowners, Firescaping at

Home, Composting, the CA Water Picture, and more to come.

These classes could either be offered Live or available On-Demand via the RLC. Live

classes are perfect for those who miss attending in-person classes and appreciate Q&A opportunities. They run for one hour and participants do not have to stress about

traveling to a location. On-Demand classes, which are pre-recorded and edited, allow

maximum flexibility in terms of personal schedules and pausing or rewinding to learn at

differing paces.

Through the RLC, GMC also promotes its Video Licensing service, which consists of

several easy-to-follow how-to videos on different areas of water efficiency for the DIY

type of individual. How-to topics include reading a water meter, checking for a leak

using a water meter, isolating a water leak, replacing a conventional controller with a

smart controller, retrofitting spray heads to drip and replacing old toilet flappers. More

topics are on the way. These short videos can be embedded or shared on websites, e-

blasts, e-newsletters and social media platforms to keep customers engaged.

Lastly, the RLC highlights sustainability videos produced by GMC. Currently it highlights

Liberty Utilities’ tutorial on How to Pick Out and Plant a CA Native Plant as well as a

PSA on air quality. GMC is extremely excited to see where the RLC is headed.

For details, please visit the RLC. For more information, to schedule classes or license a

video, contact Silvia Gutierrez at or dial (747)


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