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GMC Welcomes Jasmin Velazquez to the Team!

The kindling of exploration is the passion that Velazquez brings to the environment that she is in. She is a graduate of the University of California, Riverside and is beginning her journey into the green industry as she prepares to expand the knowledge that she garnered from school. Velazquez majored in Global Studies with a concentration in Media and Cultural Studies, giving her the foundation of understanding the complex nature of different industries domestically and globally. 

Velazquez gained public relations experience at the office of Senator Robert Hertzberg and the experience gave her the ability to communicate with constituents and fundamentally understand the inner workings of governmental affairs as they relate to the community it serves. She is experienced in working with fundraisers, events, and projects that helped the community district that she worked in. It opened the door to politics, but specifically, international relations and the path to that was the wish to travel abroad. College gave her the opportunity to study in Utrecht, Netherlands for a semester and provided her the skills to operate in a different system. It expanded her knowledge of how media and politics are interconnected, furthering the conversation around globalization. She created multiple projects in connection to film in culture and it solidified an ambition to continue in the media industry. 

An avid cinephile, Velazquez takes joy in watching films with her family and friends. She loves spending time outside with her two huskies, Cleopatra and Ahsoka, giving her a higher appreciation for the outdoors.

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