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GMC Welcomes Rylan to the Team!

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

With a thirst for adventure driven by enthusiasm, Rylan Little strives to be a well-rounded individual. Rylan is working on his degrees in Biology and Natural Sciences from Yuba Community College. He excels in communicating with people and that is why people often comment on how easy-going and likable he is when first meeting him.

Rylan is a natural marketer and discovered his knack for marketing through his athletic career as a diver. He attended the University of Utah on an athletic scholarship straight out of high school. While traveling throughout the country to compete in major events, he became attuned to communicating targeted messages to others to promote his school and sport. This included hosting community events and conducting presentations in front of large groups.

Rylan joins the Green Media Creations, Inc. (GMC) team as a marketing specialist aiming to elevate the company's brand and services through his marketing and outreach abilities. He enjoys working with people and assisting them with problems. He learned this as a sales representative at a local retail store. This experience has allowed him to troubleshoot problems and guide customers to solve their issues.

He is experienced in working with public agencies and assisting with water conservation programs. He will also be a new co-host for gmcTV, which is GMC’s YouTube channel dedicated to educating the public on current environmental issues and conducting interviews with green industry leaders. As an avid digital photographer, he will also lend his skills in helping provide digital content for social media platforms.

Rylan enjoys playing the guitar, appreciating the fine arts and relishing any outdoor activities.

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