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Landscape Care for Homeowners

Class Description

A landscape does not stop with planting. It is important to maintain a healthy and clean garden to make sure that the environment thrives. There are many ways to care for a garden. This class covers soil types, amendments and fertilizers. It also covers proper pruning techniques to inspire growth and pest management tips to deal with garden pests in safe, organic ways. Understanding these factors will increase the chances of your plants thriving.


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Raymond Martinez

Raymond Martinez studied at Mt. San Antonio College and was a member of the Sports Turf Managers Association. Until recently, he was a landscaper for California State University, Los Angeles. As a Qualified Pest Applicator, he trained other staff and performed general landscape maintenance. His other duties included sustainable landscaping design, and irrigation retrofits and installation. Since then, Martinez has started his own landscape company. He has also been teaching for GMC since 2018.

Class developed by Kelly Takai.

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