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Landscaping for Fire Prevention

Class Description

Fire season may be year-round depending on where you live in California. This coupled with drought conditions can be a reason to practice fire awareness. In this class, you will learn about the common causes of fire and how to prepare your home for one. Fires can be unpredictable. Even if you don't live in a fire-prone zone, it's important to know about the precautions that can be taken around your living space. This class will also teach the concept of defensible space, things to consider, what to do before landscaping and fire-resistant plant suggestions.


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Brian Duvardo


Brian Duvardo works closely with clients in the private and public sector as a consultant on water conservation programs. He has extensive knowledge of water-efficient systems, sustainable landscaping, best management practices, water-use surveys and high-efficient irrigation systems. As a water use surveyor, he has performed over 500 residential, commercial and large landscape surveys. With his hands-on and technical experience, Duvardo conducts classes and facilitates presentations to large groups.

Class developed by Kelly Takai.

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