June 1, 2016

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Awards GMC the Residntial turf removal program Program picture of a yard

In honor of Watershed Awareness month, Green Media Creations (GMC) is proud to announce a new contract with the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority (SAWPA). GMC will provide outreach and marketing services for SAWPA’s Water-Energy Community Action Network (WECAN) Outreach and Management project.

The goal of the WECAN project is to replace up to 260,000 square feet of living turf with climate-appropriate landscaping on single-family residential properties within the counties of Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino. EcoTech Services, Inc. will perform turf removal services while GMC focuses on marketing the project and reaching out to qualified residents. Water and energy-saving devices will be distributed by GMC staff.

WECAN is tailored to accommodate disadvantaged communities. In order to qualify residents, Enviroscreen 2.0, an official state screening tool, will be utilized. GMC specializes in reaching out and spreading messages to disadvantaged communities.

Back in March of this year, SAWPA was noted in the White House Water Summit report for announcing its water management 2.0 plan.



May 11, 2016

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Awards GMC the California Friendly Landscape Training Program pictuere of a yard

GMC staff worked with WaterWise Consulting, Inc. to convert the lawn (pictured above) into a climate-appropriate garden during the summer of 2015. Photo credit: Amina Aly

GMC brings forth a team of qualified professionals to coordinate with Metropolitan’s member agencies, and soon provide classroom instruction. GMC looks forward to assisting Metropolitan in their efforts to promote water-efficient gardening within the residential sector of Southern California.

The principal of GMC, Armando Salas, will take on the role of Program Manager. Salas has many years of experience in managing educational programs and has worked in the water conservation industry for over 20 years. He initially joined the industry when he managed and promoted Metropolitan’s water conservation training program, Protector Del Agua (PDA). PDA was aimed at English and Spanish-speaking, professional landscapers.

Salas ultimately developed a residential component — the precursor to the California Friendly® Landscape Training (CFLT) Program. The residential component gained instant popularity. Eventually, Salas expanded participation in both the residential and professional components by 600 percent.

Alongside Salas, Kelly Takai will assist with technical advisement and instruction. With 15 years of experience in the industry, Takai is knowledgable in water conservation both on and off the field, which has allowed him to teach for over eight years.

Education Specialist, Blanca Cortez, will coordinate with member agencies, schedule instructors and track program data. Cortez is experienced in working with agencies and does so by providing excellent customer service.

GMC’s instructors have theoretical and real-life experience in the skills necessary to be exceptional communicators to homeowners. With strong backgrounds in speaking in front of audiences, GMC staff will draw upon their personal experiences to encourage California-friendly gardening.


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