Green Marketing Best Practices

September 1, 2016

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Sustainable development and a greener future hinge on the ability for scientists and researchers to communicate their findings to policymakers and the general public. With this in mind, the United Nations has developed a guide detailing some of the most effective practices used by professionals around the world for communicating environmental messages that have helped create positive changes in their communities.

Making sure to have a specific audience was found to be an important part of communicating. Differences in opinion can vastly affect the ability for a message to be effectively communicated, which is why having a specific audience helps when it comes to tailoring messages and choosing the best...Read More


Beyond Pretty Lights

July 1, 2016

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Awards GMC the Residntial turf removal program Program picture of a yard

Chemical compounds probably aren’t what come to mind when you think about fireworks. What comes to mind when you see fireworks? Do you think of the loud noises they make? Or do you think about the stench they leave behind following the grand finale of the display? While fireworks have become a huge tradition on the 4th of July, the chemicals that are used to make them have been found highly detrimental to the environment.

Bright flashes of colors such as red, white, blue, yellow, green, and violet light up the sky— results of the combustion of flash powder oxidizer potassium perchlorate and various nitrates. Strontium nitrate is responsible for red fireworks, barium nitrate for green, and copper chloride for blue. To see a full list of chemical compounds...Read More


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