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Multi-Use and Environmentally-Friendly Tote Bag

By Shannon McInteer

Golden State Water Company (Golden State) has been serving quality and reliable water to their customers for more than 85 years. They offer programs about the importance of managing water use while providing excellent service to customers in 76 communities across California. They promote efficient water use as the best way to obtain quality water at a reasonable cost.

Golden State also provides free water conversation classes for homeowners in select communities throughout California – what don’t they do? In addition, these classes will come with a 100 percent cotton, biodegradable bag that was created from recycled t-shirts.

Class attendees will receive goodies in these reusable bags manufactured by RagBags. Photo by Shannon McInteer

What makes this bag different from other bags is its various uses, such as carrying supplies, dusting computer monitors and TV screens, packing material, drying dishes, etc. This bag may also contain giveaways such as a leak detection kit, shower timer, a water-efficient shower head, and tips on gardening, water conservation and water use efficiency.

Click here to see if a class will be held in your area!



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